Fishing tackle and bait for sale

The on-site shop is stocked with a range of the latest fishing tackle, and clothing. We can offer a wealth of no-nonsense unbiased advice on products and the fishing experience at our lakes.

We have a comprehensive stock of all the major suppliers Korda, Nash, Drennan, TFG, Trakker, Gardiner and others. We can order most items for your fishing needs at no extra charge.

We also stock a large selection of baits from most suppliers of frozen to shelf life with a great selection of pop ups and a considerable range of liquids dips. We can supply high quality 

A selection of clothing is also available.

We do try to price match whenever we can to give you a great deal and will always order items for you that we do not normally stock due to space constraints

Cold drinks and snacks are always available and should you require fuel to heat your food we a stock Coleman burners and gas canisters

If you have forgotten something when you arrive don’t worry , as we would probably be able to supply to avoid any disappointment of your fishing experience.